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We’re licensed to work with adolescents in any area that is needed. Our counselors are compassionate and really care about making a difference in your life. No matter what you’re going through they’ll be there to help you along the way.

About our services

Security Risk Evaluations and Assessments

  • We’re licensed to work in any area

  • We can work with adolescents

  • We provide Security Risk Evaluations and Assessments

  • Assess  & Evaluate potential employee statuses.

  • We’re certified by the state of Illinois

Our Security Risk Evaluations and Assessments are complete in line with the state of Illinois’s expectations. We assess and evaluate the status of potential employees.


If you need to have the status of potential employees evaluated, you can count on us to get the job done. We’re efficient and we’re glad to help you.


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Adolescent services and security evaluations

We provide efficient children’s services and security evaluations. We’re compassionate and there for you.

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Children services